Enterprise Blockchain Enabling

Blockchain 101 for Enterprise Leaders


▪Half Day Seminar covering

-Blockchain Fundamentals and Applications

-Insights to current global projects 

-How to get benefits from DLT Apps

-Enterprise applications with Hyperledger, Quorum etc

-Technical components and Architecture

-Enabling Environment and Investments

Enterprise Blockchain Jumpstart - 1 Day

-Workshop for Technical & Business Leaders

-Blockchain Architecture for Enterprise

-Expertise, Resources and Challenges

-Integration with Existing Systems

-Building Blocks – Practical Demo with Hyperledger fabric

-Build a simple network and deploy a chaincode

Enterprise Blockchain DevGuru Deep Dive 2 Days

- Day 1 covers Jump Start Content. Day 2 includes

-Hands on training for Architects and development community.

-Sandbox Environment for training.

-Learn to build Hyperledger Applications and all its components in depth (SDK, CouchDB etc.)

-Guaranteed to make you an expert developer in Fabric Blockchain-