Industry Use Cases

Retail & Consumer

Retail & Consumer Value Chain Integration and efficiency building through smart contracts, secure data sharing to eliminate waste, and increase transparency. 

  • Digital Rights and Escrows
  • Loyalty Management 
  • Airline Interline Settlements
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Global Payments and New Markets

Financial & Government

Blockchain in Government

Financial Industry and Public Government Institutions could become the largest beneficiary of blockchain technology through use of Distributed ledger and smart contracts

  • Interbank and cross border value exchange
  • Trade finance and Smart Assets
  • KYC Initiatives
  • Digital Citizen
  • Varous Government Registries

Pharma & Healthcare

Blockchain in Pharma & Healthcare

Compliance and traceability in Pharma Valuechain, Electronic Health records and efficient patient care. Sample Use cases include :

  • Drug Traceability and Recalls
  • Patient Data Management and Electronic Health Records
  • Patent Registry and Regulatory Submissions
  • Supply Chain Optimisations

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