Well, Let us say we dont know blockchain as well as we would like to...We like to tell the truth as it is. And avoid big promises. We have probably learned more from our customers than they have learned from us. But they seem really happy that we are exploring the new paradigm together as they consider us the best partner in Hyperledger technologies and Enterprise Blockchain. If you want a partner like that reach out to us @ info@chaindigit.com. No empty promises but we will walk together on this technology which we believe will change our world and business in the next 20 years

Enable you team and get ready to leverage DLT in your enterprise with Blockchain Trainings

Enterprise Blockchain Training is coming to a city near you! Reserve your seats. Limited capacity classroom format for interactive hands on sessions.Upcoming Trainings in Montreal ,New York & Ottawa. April Sessions for Toronto sold out.See Details for May Sessions

Toronto July 17th & 18th  | London  Jul 9

Are you looking for a Enterprise Blockchain Solution partner for your industry specific use cases?

Distributed applications running smart contracts in the Blockchain developed and managed in a agile Devops environment will automate core trust processes improving customer confidence and reducing backoffice costs and creating safe and secure systems. ChainDigit can help you get ready for the future in distributed application implementations with our range of blockchain consulting, development and training services backed by  tools and accelerators created by some of the best architects for Hyperledger, Ethereum and evolving blockchain frameworks.

How can we help

Our Services

Consulting: Our team can help evaluate potential use cases for blockchain applications within your enterprise, and select the best suited framework for  your distributed ledger application 

Application Development : Experienced and trained team of architects and developers on building smartcontracts and chaincode, integrating  with Enterprise systems  and  Applications

Training : Chaindigit Training Division provides different levels of training for corporates. Whether you are looking strategic insights or hands on training for your innovation team, our experts can help you get to the next level.

Enterprise Consulting Experience and passion for Distributed Application Development in Blockchain

Our history

Launched in 2016 by a group of experienced industry veterans who has rolled out many critical applications in the past 15 years for Banking Financial and Retail Enterprises to address the needs of the next generation IT Services in Digital and Blockchain space.

ChainDigit team explored the blockchain ecosystem to understand its huge impact in the way we create Enterprise Solutions. We share our product agnostic view for our customers to make the right decisions in their blockchain strategy and implementations

BLockchain CD includes CDCloud for Blockchain as a Service, CDiscover for Blockchain Strategy

Our specialities

Blockchain projects suffers from the lack of supporting tools, standard processes and documentation resulting in delays and overruns. 

ChainDigit provides Enterprise Blockchain consulting in Hyperledger and Ethereum and  has developed Industry first tools and accelerators to  drive adoption of blockchain across value chain. We have the tools and processes to help you with End to end consultancy, training, development and IT services of Distributed Ledger Applications. Write to us for more details @ info@chaindigit.com


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