Realize your Hyperledger projects at lower cost and on time with pre-built Fabric libraries

Many Blockchain implementations lose steam due to delays and challenges in bringing the expertise and resources together even at the MVP stage. Current statistics reveal that organisations spend 2 months on inducting and training the team, 4-6 weeks in setting up the Test and Development network and a further 2 months to develop common libraries before they even start on the core business use case. Using ChainDigit's LaunchPad for Hyperledger Fabric you are guaranteed to shorten your MVP development from 6 months to less than 3 months with guaranteed outcome.  LaunchPad provides a combination of services and tools which will make your Hyperledger journey easier. Contact us at for details


Accelerated Hyperledger Development


Stage 0 : Enabling the Team

Enterprise Blockchain Implementations cannot happen without a well enabled team. Developers, Operations and Business need to collaborate to make the project a success. ChainDigit Training Sessions are rated as one of the best in the world for Hyperledger Fabric enabling and caters to specific needs of each group in a precise manner.  ChainDigit is recognised as an Official Hyperledger Training Partner and a Linux Foundation Authorised Training Partner


Stage 1 : Laying the Foundation

Setting up the infrastructure and tools for the project can be challenging in a new emerging technology. Statistics show that businesses venturing on Blockchain projects spend two to three months for setup even before they start developing the functionality they planned for. ChainDigit's CDPaaS helps in easy provisioning of your Development and Test Environments in a few clicks on a cloud of your choice or on premise in a monthly subscription model. You get the added benefit of using pre-built common libraries putting you atleast 3 months ahead of the competition at a minimal cost.


Stage 2 : Design & Development Support

ChainDigit design workshops can transform your use cases into a Distributed Application blueprint.  Experienced consultants from ChainDigit can deliver the MVP in 12-16 weeks without breaking your bank. Fabric common libraries created by ChainDigit  team saves 5-6 weeks of effort upfront! ChainDigit Lead Architects with multiple project experience helps network setup in hours instead of weeks and  realize your vision faster and boosts the confidence of your business and IT teams. They bring the learning and best practices which can save you time and money. We have plenty of real customer references!

Stage 3 : Launch


 With ChainDigit LaunchPad Services, you realize your vision faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to engaging large system integrator or recruiting expensive consultants. Launch Pad also enables your team with skills for future deliveries. Your successful launch will be complemented with a good team and great tools to make your future projects successful. At ChainDigit we believe in enabling our customers to the highest degree possible. 

Our list of customers using LaunchPad spans from successful start ups to large enterprises. 

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