Excerpts from the Interview with ChainDigit Leadership Team


ChainDigit joined Hyperledger earlier this month as a logical next step in its vision to ease the adoption of Distributed ledger technologies in Enterprises. 

ChainDigit team shared some of their thoughts on Hyperledger and why they believe it will change the way enterprises run business processes in the near future.

Promise of Distributed Ledger Technology

From the very beginning of civilised societies, we saw businesses getting created with trust as its cornerstone. Enterprise Business is an integration of myriad trust processes. “Now we have a technology which can execute your business process, automate the process of consensus between parties and create immutable records of the transaction in a secure manner. Distributed Ledger Technology could be path breaking for businesses and will transform many of the current processes” said Baiju Jacob, Chief Strategy Officer, ChainDigit.

Hyperledger Project for Enterprise grade Technology

Hyperledger is an industry wide collaboration founded by The Linux Foundation which brings together a community of collaborators from the industry to explore and create open standards for distributed ledger technology. “Many of our current mission critical applications run on technologies created through open source initiatives of Linux Foundation” said Jimjees Abraham, Chief Solution Architect, ChainDigit “ we are excited to see Linux Foundation leading the way in building Enterprise grade DLT, which could be the most exciting technology in our lifetime.

ChainDigit and Hyperledger 

ChainDigit was formed with the sole focus of enabling businesses to adopt Enterprise grade blockchain solutions. Since 2016, ChainDigit has been working with many of its customers, providing services to enable adoption of the technology for their use cases. Hyperledger framework and tools are built specifically with enterprise needs in mind has been the best suited for most use cases coming up in our discussions with our customers

Despite the hype, DLT technology is still in the initial growth phase. Developing a world class technology will require very active feedback loops to incorporate the best features needed by its users. We are very happy to be part of the Hyperledger community and bring in the feedbacks from our customers and prospects” said Jimjees Abraham

Looking into the Future of Hyperledger 

Hyperledger currently incubates five framework projects including Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth which are production ready. There are supporting projects to create tools which will help the easy adoption of these frameworks.

Each of the frameworks bring in unique attributes which could help the industry. When you look at the whole picture, you could realise how this will all come together to create a compelling solution for business. Being an open source initiative, it will require the constant support of all involved to realise this. We want to contribute our bit to this great vision as a member” said Baiju Jacob

ChainDigit’s contribution to Hyperledger vision

Success of any new technology depends on how it brings in the features needed by its users as well as removing the hurdles to make it easier for all to adopt.

Based on the experience with multiple projects, we believe that common tools and libraries will significantly reduce the time to deploy solutions based on Hyperledger Frameworks. Being a decentralised platform, tools for easy deployment over multiple clouds could be a key success factor. We look forward to working together with members of Hyperledger Cello project to bring this to business” said Tsvetan Georgiev, CTO, ChainDigit “Equally important in this phase of adoption is the building of a strong technology community to meet the demand of faster adoption. We have been involved in training many of the technology leaders and developers across multiple enterprises in Hyperledger Frameworks. Our association with Hyperledger will enable us to provide the latest and the most accurate content to the community

About ChainDigit

Since 2016, ChainDigit teams have been helping businesses discover the power of Blockchain and DLT.

ChainDigit expertise in consulting and development services has helped transformations in healthcare, finance and retail industries.

CDPaaS from ChainDigit is a cloud agnostic template and libraries for quicjk spin up of Fabric networks which could save businesses weeks and months of setup time.

Chaindigit  have enabled more than 300 passionate technology leaders with Hyperledger technology through its public trainings. ChainDigit leaders are also frequently sought after for corporate trainings

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