Our CDPaaS+ program helps you to Jump Start your Enterprise DLT/Blockchain Development and easy Deployment saving many weeks of research and ambiguity

Blockchain Project Initiation can delay significantly because of lack of Understanding  of the technology, the initial setup of the network for Development and Production , and slow ramp up in Execution & Rollouts. ChainDigit has created full range of services and support which will ease your adoption challenges

Corporate Training : Build a Knowledgeable Team

Use Case Workshops : Evaluate and Architect Your Use Case

Network Setup : Assist and setup the Network in a Platform of your Choice

Development Support : Development Services or Expert Resources to Augment Your Team

Our Offering: CDPaaS+



Hyperledger Fabric Training for Your entire team. From Business Leaders to Developers

ChainDigit is an Official Hyperledger Training Partner and an Oracle Partner 

Trainings are conducted by Experienced Project leads with real experience in Hyperledger Fabric Deployment

From Basic foundation Training to advanced Developer Training ChainDigit can enable your organisation at any level .

Starts at $5000 per day


Design as a Service

Building an Enterprise grade network needs experience and care?

Is the ordering service good for your workload? How do I size my nodes? How to secure my keys?

Need Help in Designing the use case? Designing for Privacy, Security & Performance

ChainDigit team with experience over multiple Hyperledgr projects can help you to design specifics of the network to suite your project use case


 Network Setup

Planning to create your network in a Platform/Cloud Service Provider?.

Whether it is Oracle,  AWS,  Google,  SAP, Azure or On Premise ChainDigit Team has the expertise

ChainDigit Team can also manage your POC/Pilot Environments without any extra burden to your existing Operations team, so that you can focus on the use case and get a quick turnaround.


Why CDPaaS+?

True Partnership

ChainDigit supports you in every stage of the process and works with your team, rather than leaving them to figure out the complexities You can have your choice of cloud to deploy your network and we can support you!

Manage with Ease

CDPaaS includes management services seamlessly across multiple clouds. Your operations team would be relieved of many headaches in the introduction of this new transformative technology

Keeping Pace

Blockchain platforms are evolving fast. Your team should be free from the burden of tracking and managing changes to your platform. ChainDigit Team is upto date with the latest updates and features and  gives you the flexibility to focus on your business.

Faster Rollouts

With CDPaaS you can spin up your Hyperledger network for Development or Production in a matter of hours instead of weeks and months. Realise your goals faster

Save on Costs

CDPaaS saves you all the efforts of ramping up and custom building your network and is available in a monthly subscription model.. Time saved could be anywhere between 3 to 6 months based on the use case.

Avoid Risks

Avoid the risks of dependency on one cloud provider by using CDPaaS with multiple providers. Get the benefit of ChainDigit experience in optimising your network.

Is Hyperledger the best Platform for Business?

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